Piedras preciosas en Colombia

Colombia es un país rico en piedras preciosas, por algo es el tercero en materia de producción, te enseñaremos las piedras preciosas que posee Colombia, pero nos enfocaremos en la Esmeralda, que es el punto fuerte de Colombia cuando se trata de piedras preciosas. En Colombia hay yacimientos de oro, plata, platino y de piedras preciosas como la Esmeralda y semi preciosas como perlas, … Leer más

The best beaches in Cartagena

From all the interesting places to go, the beach is one of the most important and iconic of touristic places. The beach is a familiar, cultural, and exciting place to spend vacations. A thrilling trip that results in the pure fun. This is the best place to forget about the world for some time. A piece of heaven where you … Leer más

Interesting places in Cartagena

Cartagena Colombia is the Paradise for the newcomers, its great attractions make it a wonder of Latin-America. It’s a city that presumes a colonial architecture, and it has been seized to provide us a great touristic experience. Cartagena city is completely devoted to tourists; they know how to accomplish your desires. It’s an all in one city, it offers eco-tourism … Leer más

What to do in Cartagena Colombia

Cartagena Colombia is one of the greatest places to spend your vacations, and one of the most famous destinies for eco-tourism lovers. The colonial style of Cartagena de Indias combined with its never-ending summer weather will captivate you easily. But now what to do in Cartagena? Is a difficult question, not for the lack of places to visit, for the … Leer más

Visit Cartagena Colombia for an unforgettable experience

Cartagena in Colombia is one of the most important touristic destinies to go in Latin-America. Everyone in the city makes a living out of tourism, and the city is part of Colombia’s wonders. It’s located near the Caribbean Sea, you can find Simon Bolivar’s apartment in this part of the city, and visit it too! Cartagena is famous for its … Leer más

Plan the greatest travel to Cartagena

Cartagena Colombia is one of the best places to have perfect vacations, anyone who comes doesn’t want to go the next day. The problem is, there is eco-tourism, great restaurants, cultural events, and beautiful beaches, where to start? People limit to enjoy the wonderful sunset of Cartagena, and everything it has to offer, and that’s ok. However, you want to … Leer más


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