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Requirements to enter and leave Colombia

The Ministry of Health announced on December 31, 2020, through resolution 532, that for the entry and exit of all foreigners, PCR tests with negative results will be required, this in order to reactivate the tourism sector in the country in a controlled way and to reduce the level of contagion of Covid-19 within the national territory and to other countries.

What is needed to enter Colombia?

The tourist who wishes to enter the country must have the PCR test with a negative result and must have an expedition time of maximum 96 hours (4 days) before his flight, it will apply both for foreigners and for Colombians abroad. In addition to this, the traveler must report his health status (the results of the PCR test) in the Check-Mig application.

Since when should the PCR test be presented?

Resolution 0002 of 2021 grants a deadline, setting the taking of the PCR test in Colombia as of January 12, 2021.

Should children be tested too?

Yes. All travelers, without any distinction, must take the test, from 0 years old.

What would happen if the traveler has any symptoms of coronavirus?

People who have symptoms of respiratory distress, fever, or any other associated with flu or coronavirus will not be able to board the plane.

What can the person do if the PCR test cannot be performed?

According to resolution 002, it is allowed the boarding of travelers who in the country of origin do not present the negative result of the PCR test, only when they state that they had difficulties to perform the test or to obtain the result in the term stipulated for the flight. In these cases, the traveler must be informed that once they enter the country of destination, they must perform the PCR test and keep preventive isolation for fourteen days. This isolation may end earlier if the result of the PCR test is negative, in the same way, it may be extended by epidemiological criteria.

The cost of the PCR test and the costs derived from preventive isolation will be the responsibility of the traveler. The Secretary of Health of the place of disembarkation and / or destination will be in charge of verifying that the traveler keeps the preventive isolation.

Will people entering the country be under observation?

Yes. The monitoring will be under the supervision of the municipal or district health secretariats, as well as the EPS, and Migración Colombia will be obliged to send the list of travelers who enter daily to these agencies.

The traveler must also report to his EAPB or to the municipal or district Health Secretariat of his place of stay or residence and to the airline, if during the 14 days after his trip he presents symptoms associated with covid-19 and follow the measures that are necessary. indicated by these entities.

Should children wear masks during the flight?

Yes, the use of a face mask is mandatory for everyone from two years of age, both at the airport facilities and on the aircraft throughout the journey. This should cover the nose to the chin and should be avoided removing it.

What is required to leave Colombia?

The traveler must fill out the Check-Mig application form. He must also meet the requirements established by the destination country.

Min Comercio launches the ‘Certified Check-in’ biosafety seal for the reactivation of the tourism sector

The biosafety seal, “Check in certified, COVID-19 bioseguro”, (See Seal) is a certification that was created by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism in May 2020, with the support of ProColombia and Icontec, the same Its main objectives were to generate trust among travelers and consumers, minimize the risks of contagion of the virus and encourage tourism in the country.

“Obtaining this support is voluntary and may be used by service providers, tourist areas and attractions that certify compliance with biosafety protocols once the reactivation of the sector begins,” said the Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, José Manuel Restrepo .

In the words of the Vice Minister of Tourism, Julián Guerrero, “with this certification, entrepreneurs in the sector are invited to identify their businesses with their image and to follow all biosafety measures, so that tourists can check-in with confidence, whether in a hotel, restaurant, bar or any tourist site. The idea is to make them feel that they are entering a protected space for them “.

This seal was an initiative with which it was intended to encourage tourism in Colombia again. This tourism biosafety seal has been endorsed by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and is the first of its kind developed in Latin America.

“I congratulate Colombia for the development of this biosafety certification, the first in the region. I express the support of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) for this important initiative that will provide confidence to travelers and consumers in the reactivation phase of tourism, “said Zurab Pololikashvili, Secretary General of UNWTO.

This certification, which is voluntary, is based on the criteria of the biosafety protocols contemplated in Resolution 666 of 2020 and on the specific protocols of each of the sectors of the value chain of the tourism sector. Said attestation will be valid for two years and the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism will keep a record of the service providers, attractions and tourist destinations to which this seal is granted.


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