What to do in Cartagena Colombia

Cartagena De Indias, Colombia

Cartagena Colombia is one of the greatest places to spend your vacations, and one of the most famous destinies for eco-tourism lovers. The colonial style of Cartagena de Indias combined with its never-ending summer weather will captivate you easily.

But now what to do in Cartagena? Is a difficult question, not for the lack of places to visit, for the great number of options! Here we will give you several ideas on what to do in Cartagena, but we have to state things clear…

You need to define what you wish to do, because there is entertaining for all kinds of public. Would you go on a wild adventure to the natural beauties of Cartagena? Would you go partying? Or you’d rather visit the best beaches of Cartagena?

Now, that Cartagena Colombia has all of this, and even more. We will use people’s experiences on Cartagena as a basis, to give you nice suggestions. Remember that you should bring appropriate clothing for hot climates!

Also, three or five days will be enough time to do all of the suggestions shown here, let yourself be absorbed by the amazing Cartagena de Indias.

Architecture wonders of Cartagena

You should consider moving around in Cartagena by pure trekking, which may be a little tiring, but is worth it. The thing is, Cartagena is a purely touristic city, and the colonial architecture has been there for more than 200 years.

You will feel you are several years before now, and the street by itself screams out loud the history of this beautiful place. Walking around the city is already an attraction, if you have a good taste for exploring.

You don’t necessarily need to lodge in a five-star hotel if you have no money for it, we recommend you go to the historic center of Cartagena. This is a highly touristic zone of Cartagena, and is surrounded by great walls.

This was the place for the Spanish in the colonial times, and you can see big and impressive structures like churches and buildings. There is architecture beauty everywhere you look at in the colorful streets.

You can see this is the insides of the walls of Cartagena de Indias, there are all the colonial structures preserved in perfect state. We can recommend the “Great square of las Aduanas” or “Bolivar’s square”. We can assure, you won’t look at your watch for a while looking at the beautiful streets.

Eco-tourism in Cartagena

There are several options in Cartagena for eco-tourism, depending on what you are looking for. This kind of entertainment has its advantages, it’s free, if you don’t want anything so extravagant.

How about going to national parks and protected zones? These are parts of Cartagena that preserve the animal life. Somewhat like a zoo, but so much natural, here you can see the different species of Cartagena. We suggest the “Nuestra señora del Rosario archipielago” and “San Bernardo archipielago”.

Here you will find islands with mini woods and jungles, apart from impressive quietude, and comfort. You can come with a guide and enjoy the island with a good coconut in your hand.

You can also visit the stunning mangroves swamps in which you can see the protected species of Cartagena, all kinds of bird, and even monkeys! This is a canoe trip through the mangrove tunnels, is a one-time experience.

If you want something nearer, we can suggest “the botanic garden Guillermo Piñeres” one of the most iconic of the entire Colombia. It’s simply a one-hour trek, but you will contemplate the fauna and nature of Cartagena.

Cartagena nightlife

If you are fan of hard partying, you couldn’t choose a better place to come, surely you know Latins are the masters of clubbing! There are several clubs to go out at night, and Cartagena never sleeps, people is up every time.

You can find pyrotechnical shows combined with nice salsa, you won’t resist dancing and taking some shots! Enjoying the nightlife here is easy, make sure you visit more than just one bar at night!

If you are in your adventurer mood you can try going for a ride in the bay at night, a must-do in Cartagena. Especially if you are with your couple, a ride by the bay in a private boat may sound spicy for you.

You should also attend a festival is you come to Cartagena, there are festivals all the year, it’s impossible you don’t see one. Here you can find people dancing, high music, and cultural foods and drinks.

You should try out the folk music and the cultural dances, if you not too much into clubbing, this should suit you. However, the night life bars and clubs are an experience that you will not forget from Cartagena, that’s for sure.


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