Visit Cartagena Colombia for an unforgettable experience

Cartagena de Indias, Colombia.
Historic center

Cartagena in Colombia is one of the most important touristic destinies to go in Latin-America. Everyone in the city makes a living out of tourism, and the city is part of Colombia’s wonders.

It’s located near the Caribbean Sea, you can find Simon Bolivar’s apartment in this part of the city, and visit it too! Cartagena is famous for its beautiful beaches and perfect climate, combined with the Colombian’s natural and relaxed vibe. This is the best place to have vacations!

It was declared cultural patrimony by the UNESCO, the truth is Cartagena, Colombia, is pure history. The city was founded in the XVI century, and the Real Spanish structures are still there.

This is why the city has this colonial look. Of course, it has evolved over the years, and has turned into one of the best touristic site of Colombia. You can’t miss the magical parties and traditional food of Colombia’s touristic wonder, waiting for you to explore its secrets and interesting history.

Do you want to have a glance at the fantastic “Cartagena de Indias”? Keep reading and find out!

Eco tourism definition

For those who don’t know, eco-tourism is exploration and enjoyment of new natural areas. They take place in green environments full of animals, plants, or any ecosystems that offer the beauty of non-human-created entertainment.

Well, let me inform you, Cartagena is the best definition of that, the natural attractions it offers are of the best. From its crystalline water on beaches, more than 1500 species of birds, and majestic rivers there is no best place.

You can see the dolphins’ dance on the beaches and enjoy the fresh air and the soft sand of the beaches. Also, remember that Cartagena’s climate is warm the entire year, but not hot because of the sea breeze that never is missing.

You will always enjoy the blue sky, and beautiful sunshine you see on your summer dreams. Did you know you can also enjoy islands and rivers?

If you have never played to be an explorer, this is the best place to start, you can also visit the volcano. It’s best known as “el volcán del totumo”, don’t worry is inactive, but you can immerse in their green waters with curative properties!

Best things to do in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia

Cartagena is perfect for quiet relaxation by enjoying the landscapes and connect yourself with nature. But how far can we take the fun?

How about going to National Natural Park Corales? Here you can enjoy of a five stars’ service and tan your skin while having a good drink. Feel the wind blow and hear the sound of transparent beautiful water clashing against the reefs.

Are you more into going deep in the green areas? You should try canoeing through the swamps with a guide in la “Ciénaga de la virgen”. This is a trip to visit the protected species living in this area, and seeing something completely different from the city.

Still looking for fun? Go to the Oceanarium where you will see the different marine animals, and plants, from the sea. Enjoy the cute animal show of turtles, sharks and other species. And don’t forget to greet the dolphins!

Finally, as the last suggestion to make the perfect Cartagena Colombia travel is the National aviary of Colombia. There is new center of observation, where you can visit the animal in their natural environment. Have you ever seen a Flemish? Well they are beautiful, and you’ll surely learn a thing or two about them.

What is Cartagena de Indias

Cartagena de Indias, Colombia.
Historic center

There are people who has this question, and is incredible how many people don’t know the wonders of Cartagena. Know this is the name given to the touristic place, but why is it called like that?

First, this city was founded in the year 227 B.C, and is name was Qart Hadasht back then. Then, it was invaded by the romans is the year 207, and thanks to this it lived its best years.

During this time Cartagena lived the best years in progression and advance. The importance of the city grew incredibly due to its richness and immense amount of resources.

In the year 734 the city passed to the hands of Muslims, and the culture of the city changed completely. The city became something similar to what we know today in 1873 with the Spanish arrival.

The Spanish settled here for some time, and most of the structures and architecture of the city was defined. Creating the beautiful scenario of current Cartagena, that is still kept nowadays.

Nowadays, Cartagena has created a great economy and improved its touristic offer. Now the population reaches the 200.000 habitants, in a paradisiac city that is, and will be, one of the best vacation places of the XXI century.


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