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At Caribbean Eco Tours you will find a full service travel agency for nature lovers and travelers in search of authentic culture. Our goal is to provide unique experiences while taking care of our precious Earth. We hope that in the process of achieving this goal, you will have the opportunity to experience the true essence of Cartagena by interacting with the inhabitants of this beautiful city and making connections that could last a lifetime.
“Welcome to Cartagena de Indias” -Remember that experiences are memorable memories of life, Caribbean Eco Tours ‘Live a New Adventure!’

Our Mission to offer a complete and quality tourist service, focused on promoting ecological culture and direct contact with the true essence of the Colombian coastal population.

As vision we want to be the main ecological travel agency on the Caribbean coast of Colombia; to contribute to sustainable local initiatives that improve the life of the local population and increase the international awareness of our country with the purpose of expanding the tourism market towards the ecological movement through a quality service that supports the protection of the ecosystem. In order to promote small manufacturers, merchants and entrepreneurs within ecological tourism and promote human interaction between locals and foreigners based on the principles of diversity, equality and inclusion that are part of our main objectives within the company.

Our values:

  • Commitment to the Protection of the Environment
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Equity
  • Honesty
  • Respect
  • Team Work
  • Community Impact
  • Customer Focus
  • Safety & Security
  • Social Responsibility

What the “Responsible Tourism” Label Means to Us

As an ecological tourism agency, we have a great commitment to our customers, our staff, the community in general and to the environment. That is why within our policies we emphasize the implementation of Responsible Tourism- exempt from illegality and harm to the above mentioned.

We are committed to offering a complete and quality guided Eco-tourism and Ethno-tourism service. Our service encourages others to protect the environment,  expand their knowledge regarding the enjoyment of flora and fauna while minimizing their ecological footprint all the while promoting respect between people regardless of sex, race or creed.

In the same manner, we have taken on the responsibility of strengthening social relations between the local community and foreigners. Through activities that showcase the trades of small to medium manufacturers and entrepreneurs the  ecological knowledge is reinforced while ties of friendship are created. We strive to make these opportunities for connection present in each tour.

As a tourist, how can I support Responsible Tourism?

  • Research all the necessary information about the destination you want to visit in advance.
  • Buy products that are sustainably manufactured and minimize the use of animals for their production.
  • Do not buy goods that belong to the cultural heritage of the place you are visiting.
  • Extend your Ethno-tourist experience by learning words from the community’s dialect, also you can learn basic phrases to communicate in the official language of the place you are going to visit.
  • When purchasing a souvenir, try to buy directly from the manufacturer or artisan; they are more likely to provide the history and meaning of an object that they have had a hand in making themselves. 
  • Feel free to report any behavior that makes you suspect involuntary sexual exploitation or the exploitation of minors. Likewise, report behavior that involves the use of illegal substances or non-prescription drugs.
  • Try to comply with the local laws of the place you are visiting to avoid inconvenient run-ins with law enforcement .
  • Respect the culture of the community you are exploring, remember that you are the guest and the locals are doing their best to make sure you have an unforgettable experience.
  • Be sure you have enough information on how to get medical treatment in an extreme case.
  • It is very important to carry your identifying documents with you at all times.

Objectives of the Company to support Responsible Tourism

Promote and implement ecological ideology through:

  • Conservative use of water in the different locations, both administrative and out in the work field.
  • Efficient use of  energy sources in our facilities as well as during the duration of our services.
  • Proper disposal of waste generated during the duration of our services and in our administrative facilities.
  • Minimized use of chemical products that may affect the ecosystem in which our tourism activities take place.
  • Publicity and promotion of  the cultural and natural heritage of the Colombian coastal area.
  • Participation in activities that support the integral development of communities, promote ecological thinking in locals and foreigners, and strengthen relationships between them.
  • Support of the company personnel by providing opportunities for professional development and advanced ecological tourism education. 

On the Subject of the Prohibition of Sexual Tourism

Part of our commitment to responsible tourism is aimed at the recovery and protection of tourism, therefore we rely on Article 44, Title II, of Rights, Guarantees and Duties, Chapter II, of social, economic and cultural, of the Political Constitution of Colombia of 1991, updated in 2016, which establishes that: “The fundamental rights of children are: life, physical integrity, health and social security, a balanced diet, their name and nationality, having a family and not being separated from it, care and love, education and culture, recreation and the free expression of their opinion. They will be protected against all forms of abandonment, physical or moral violence, kidnapping, sale, sexual abuse, labor or economic exploitation and risky work”. To this we add Law 679 of 2001, “By means of which a statute is issued to prevent and counteract exploitation, pornography and sex tourism with minors, pursuant to Article 44 of the Constitution.

Similarly, with respect to Law 1336 of 2009, “By means of which Law 679 of 2001 is added and strengthened, on the fight against exploitation, pornography and sex tourism with children and adolescents“, we demand the following code of conduct on the part of our staff, clients and the general public:

  • We do not offer plans for the sexual exploitation of minors in our packages.
  • We do not inform tourists about places where the commercial sexual exploitation of minors is conducted or practiced.
  • We do not take tourists to places where these types of activities take place and we do not facilitate the access of minors to accommodate tourists for the purpose of sexual exploitation.
  • We do not provide transportation or tourist routes for the purpose of exploitation or sexual abuse of children and adolescents.
  • The staff associated with this company is prohibited from offering tourist services that allow sexual activity with  minors.
  • We report to the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism and other competent authorities any behavior that encourages sexual abuse of minors.
  • We offer training to all the staff connected to our company in regards to the prevention of commercial sexual exploitation of minors.
  • We inform our customers about the legal consequences in Colombia of the sexual exploitation and abuse of minors
  • Our code of conduct and commitment to the necessary measures taken to protect minors and avoid complications will be posted in a visible place and  in a physical document.

Regarding the Removal of Flora and Fauna and the Protection of Cultural Heritage

Our recommendations to our customers are as follows:

  • Do not remove  flora or fauna species from their natural habitat.
  • Do not introduce exotic species of flora and fauna into habitats that are not suitable for them; avoid altering any habitat.
  • Do not support the sale, traffic or exhibition of flowers or animals in danger of extinction.
  • Do not give food that is unauthorized by the local establishments to the animals.
  • Report to the proper authorities any act of exploitation of flora and fauna.
  • Do not make bonfires, this creates pollution and damage to natural spaces.
  • Properly dispose of  waste during the tours.
  • Follow instructions given regarding behavior, respect and care for vegetation and animals.
  • Avoid taking photos in unauthorized places.
  • Remember that we are against the extraction and commercialization of the Colombian archaeological heritage.
  • Support the company in all interactive environmental education activities carried out in the communities.


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