Interesting places in Cartagena

Cartagena de Indias, Colombia

Cartagena Colombia is the Paradise for the newcomers, its great attractions make it a wonder of Latin-America. It’s a city that presumes a colonial architecture, and it has been seized to provide us a great touristic experience. Cartagena city is completely devoted to tourists; they know how to accomplish your desires.

It’s an all in one city, it offers eco-tourism like natural wonders, beaches with crystal waters, and incredible mangroves swamps. But also has five-star hotels, amazing clubs, and delightful restaurants, there is a piece of heaven for any visitor.

Moreover, many people who come to Cartagena has heard all of that, but don’t really know anything about the city. It’s a whole different culture, and you first need to understand it a bit, to enjoy it to the fullest.

Colombians are proud of what they have created, and they will treat with respect anyone who appreciates their culture the same way. This is why we will tell you the best places to go on Cartagena.

Here we will talk about pure Colombian culture, these places are considered almost sacred, make sure you know why. These are also the places to spend the vacations of your life, you won’t forget the beauty of Colombia.

Cartagena Playa blanca

Playa blanca, Cartagena de Indias

This is one of the most renowned beaches of the whole world, and it has an earned fame. It’s located in the Baru, and is 45 minutes away from Cartagena de Indias, but is practically part of Cartagena.

You can go to Playa Blanca by paying a fee so you are taken there. They take you there and come for you at the hour you indicate. If you don’t want to go, you can rent a cabin to stay the night and appreciate the beautiful stars in Playa Blanca.

You will enjoy a magical trip and sleep listening to the soft and relaxing sound of the waves. There is no more relaxing place than this, this is a must-go in Cartagena.

If you don’t feel like paying for a cabin you can also take your tent, to stay, there is also 24-hours service. You can enjoy a nice meal, or you can buy three foods in the island. It has all the services you need, but with no electricity, which helps it to not lose the natural essence.

Cartagena walled city

This is the center of Cartagena, and one of the most cultural, historic, and beautiful of the places on Colombia. This is the place where the Spanish chieftain were to live in the colonial era.

This still preserves a lot of history in their well-conserved structures, which presume the architecture of 200 years ago. The amazing colorful streets will make you walk without counting the hours, for its extreme beauty.

We will give some pro tips for you to visit the Cartagena’s walled city in conditions. While you make sure you have an unforgettable trip!

However, walking through the city you will encounter plenty of street stands offer you the best in typical Colombian gastronomy. Also, you can find excellent restaurants owned by the best chefs of the zone.

The walled city is known for the highly touristic potential it has. For this reason, the population makes sure to show you the best side.

Another great idea is to have a guided tour in the walled city. Remember the history of the great Colombia is impressed in their impressive structures, everything has its own story.

With a guide you will learn the history of the place, and this is the part of travelling that does not have a price: seeing the world with your own eyes and learning new cultures.

Bocagrande Cartagena

This is the final and most interesting part of your trek in the walled city. Bocagrande is the perfect place for you to have a nice meal in open an open place. In Bocagrande is the place where the international brands of shops.

This is the final and most interesting part of your trek in the walled city. Nevertheless, Bocagrande is the perfect place for you to have a nice meal in open an open place. In Bocagrande is the place where the international brands of shops.

This is practically a mall without the roof, you can find anything here, even great prices to take something with you after the trip. You can also find the best beaches in Cartagena here, this is the place where the highest class takes place.

You won’t believe your eyes; the city looks like an authentic futuristic city. Nonetheless, it’s not far from the colorful center with colonial structures. Cartagena has everything! Feel the breeze of Cartagena at the top of its huge skyscrapers! This is heaven for anyone looking for unforgettable vacations.

There are all kinds of things you can do here, you will find any kind of service, the city is huge, and you will not stop having fun. Of the great places you must visit we have:

  • “Barrio Getsemaní”
  • The historical center
  • Plaza de Santo Domingo
  • San Pedro Claver sanctuary.


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