Meet the Caribbean Eco Tours team

Samuel Rodriguez

Founder and CEO

One of my passions in life is to provide to people a path for discovery and awesome adventure. In that regards the best to thing for me has to do with connecting back to our Earth and to contribute in protecting it by fomenting mechanisms for its sustainable growth and splendor.

The notion I offer is about the resources found in the Caribbean along with the excitement that comes by appreciating the beauty found in the region’s nature. It is a driving force that gives me an immense pleasure to offer to others ways to explore it, learn, build memories, enjoy and share the values we all get once we recognize about this planet, we all have to care for it together.

We this in mind, I know you’ll have the best experiences on our tours. I along with the people who strive on showing these wonders. I welcome your suggestions as it takes a village to maintain the treasures found



Head sales and Content Strategist

As Caribbean Ecotours’ Content Strategist and Head of Sales in the USA, Brook wears many hats. With more than ten years of experience in various sectors of the service industry, she has developed a passion for creating the perfect client experience. 

Working with in-house contributors she applies this passion to all our published content to create the most useful information for our clients to build their best experience. 

When not busy directing and editing our copy she can be found at the beach with her family or enjoying salsa dancing and local gastronomy.

Moises Martinez

Systems Director

Systems engineer and expert in Digital Marketing, Graduated from the Jose Antonio Anzoategui University, Venezuela. Doctorate in Application Development and Digital Marketing from the University Eastern Cumana Venezuela Director of the Caribbean Eco Tours’ department, with the ability to work in a team In search of a common good, I provide research and processes in the digital environment and be able to show clients the different tools to obtain a product from our Ecotours content network.

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Rosaura Fuentes 

Public Relations and Projects Manager

“Political scientist from the Technological University of Bolívar, committed to community development and caring for the environment. Trained to perform critical analysis of social reality with a global vision. I have experience in areas of historical memory, social research, caring for the environment and administrative management focused on diversity, equity and inclusion with a broad capacity for teamwork through assertive communication.”

Karina Blanco

Supervisor of service and business development,

From the university institution of Cartagena. Technology in tourism and language, diploma in management of human talent and organizational development and customer service.

I am a person with knowledge and practice of customer service and assertive communication, capable of teamwork. In charge of external relations with other tourism companies willing or interested in making an alliance with the agency. In order to participate and plan in improving the design of tourism products and services

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Vicky Garcia Jimenez 

Graphic designer

Professional technician in tourist operations and student of technology in tourism management at the Universidad Mayor de Cartagena, I present myself as a responsible, respectful and creative person. With principles, values ​​instilled at home and reinforced in my academic and professional training. I am a person with a spirit of work, personal and social qualities. With the ability to learn easily, contribute my knowledge, provide excellent performance.

Yalimar Rincon

Advertising and Strategic.

Supervisor of advertising and strategic marketing. Social communicator of the Antonio de Arévalo-Unitecnar University Foundation. Diploma in human talent management in graduation processes. I am a person with skills to work in a team, responsible in my commitments and able to overcome obstacles looking for new alternatives to solve them, with efficiency and positivity, for the comprehensive, professional and intellectual development of my person in this entity.

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Helen Matos 


Technician in systems and program installation graduated from the International Corporation for Comprehensive Education ElYON YIREH with the ability to work analysis, design, web programming and security maintenance, Supervision, Operating Systems and database applications. With the ability to work in a team, be at the forefront with updates and procedures, communication

Leonardo Tatis 


Guitarist, composer born in Cartagena, Colombia.
He began his guitar studies at the age of 11 in a self-taught way,
Tresero for Johnny Pacheco, Hector Casanova and Santiago Ceron 2003-2004.
Along with maestro Juan Alvarez, Justo Almario and Francisco Zumaque he was arranger for Kalamary Big Band and with Maestro Francisco Fortich he was arranger for Cartagena Caribe Big Band from 2003 to 2008.

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Sheyla García

Sales and Content Strategist

Hello, my name is Sheyla García, a Technologist in Tourism and Languages ​​from the Universidad Mayor de Cartagena. I am a woman who has grown up learning the different cultures of a multicultural country like Panama and the beautiful
customs of my native country Colombia and this has helped me to be a person with more cultural, religious and
Languages. I consider myself a responsible person, who knows how to work as a team and is punctual with everything that is entrusted to him.

Antiguos Contratistas

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Yarlenis Garcia

Logistics and Marketing Supervisor



Kevin Ruiz 

international business administrator


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Sara Castro 

National Sales Supervisor



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