Virtual Traveller: The Vibrant Streets of Cartagena, Colombia

February 21, 2022 By Richard White (aka Everyday Tourist)

I think I should perhaps rebrand my website The Virtual Traveller given that seems to be all I do these days. Thanks to the Knowledge Network, for the past two months I have been visiting Waterfront cities from around the world, however that will end Feb 27 when they will expire.  

What I love about Waterfront cities is that they are not travelogues, as they take you not only to some of the tourist spots, but they also look at the economic and social issues of the city.  

One of the lessons I learned from watching dozens of Waterfront documentaries is that “Calgarians just aren’t into their streets, like some cities.”

Women in colourful dress selling fruit in the streets of Cartagena are called Palenqueras. They have become the symbol of the city. Link: Palenqueras

Queen Of The Caribbean

Most recently I travelled virtually to Cartagena, Colombia that is often referred to as the “Queen of the Caribbean” with its superbly preserved historic city center and vibrant streets. 

Cartagena’s Old Town with its cobble stone alleys, balconies covered in bougainvillea and massive churches and leafy plazas is a UNESCO World Heritage site. However, the Waterfront Cities documentary also looked at how the waterfront has evolved from fishing to container shipping, and the contrast between the rich and more neighbourhoods. 

As I was watching I couldn’t help but snap some screen shots, just like I would if I was actually flaneuring the street of Cartagena.  What impressed me most, was the contrast in the streets of the city from neighbourhood to neighbourhood and from night to day. 

Hope you enjoy this virtual tour of Cartagena as much as I did watching it.

For those who like to eat like a local, there are cow’s eyes are available at the Mercado Bazurto (market) for making soup.


Colombians love their meat.



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