Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity, Inclusion and Equity

Diversity, inclusion and equity

Among the new modalities of business development is the application of the terms Diversity, Inclusion and equity. We understand by diversity all the unique characteristics that make us who we are: personality, lifestyle, work experience, ethnicity, age, culture, disability, gender, sexual orientation. Inclusion, for its part, means respect; respect, value and consider the different perspectives, styles and needs of people.

Now, every business needs to attract, develop and retain a workforce that reflects the diversity of the communities in which they operate. This is vitally important because having diversity within the work team will allow an organization to better involve employees, understand and serve customers, strengthen the employer’s brand and generate creative ideas.

Regarding these parameters, Caribbean Eco Tours aims to establish guidelines that promote a culture of respect for diversity, labor equity, non-discrimination and labor inclusion of groups in vulnerable situations. Through this methodology, Caribbean Eco Tours ensures equal opportunities for the members of the company and third parties related to it. Similarly, these policies apply to all functional areas and brands within Caribbean Eco Tours and is applicable to the entire organization.

In accordance with our diversity, inclusion and equity policies, Caribbean Eco Tours is governed by the following social terms:

  • We respect the individual differences of culture, religion, ethnic origin and sex of each individual directly or indirectly related to the company.
  • We promote equal opportunities and development for all employees within the organization.
  • In the hiring processes, we seek to grant the same employment opportunities to candidates, regardless of race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, marital or marital status, nationality, disability, or any other situation protected by federal laws, state or local.
  • We foster a work environment of respect and equity, a caring atmosphere of open communication, and a workplace free from discrimination, sexual harassment, and other forms of intolerance and violence.
  • We are committed to attracting, retaining and motivating our staff, so the compensation and benefits system in our workplace does not make any difference between male and female employees who perform functions of similar responsibility.
  • The talent selection and development processes are carried out based on performance and potential parameters without making a gender distinction.
  • We respect and promote the right of people to achieve balance in their lives, promoting joint responsibility in the work, family and personal life of our employees.

At Caribbean Eco Tours we seek to have a team of excellence that reflects the values ​​of the company and that is a reference for the best talent. Likewise, we believe that the best talent can be found in very different life patterns as long as the opportunities exist. It is for this reason that at Caribbean Eco Tours we seek to implement programs that promote labor inclusion in different sectors of the population such as people with disabilities, the elderly and people who come from situations of vulnerability.

We believe that the labor inclusion of people with disabilities enriches us and that the right to work cannot be born of compassion or forced solidarity, but of inalienable respect for the human rights of each person. That is why we promote the selection of talent with a view beyond physical, social or mental limitations or capacities. It is of the utmost importance for us that we all have the same opportunities to work, to be useful to society and at the same time to satisfy our needs and those of our families with dignity. Because when there are equal opportunities, and the quality of life of people rises, a better society is built. We are committed to continuing to advance in effective labor integration by introducing technical aids and supports that reduce and eliminate barriers to employees with disabilities, to ensure that they can participate in a work environment under equal conditions. We advance in accessibility in our establishments, services and products to promote and encourage the inclusion of all people, eliminating any type of barriers to enhance their inclusion, always looking for a way to adapt our service to the needs of customers so that everyone has access to a positive service experience


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