Recommendations for the Lost City Tour


Recommendations for the lost city tour. The lost city tour is a favorite among adventurers. If you dare to live this experience you must be well prepared. This tour is totally unique. You will enter the mountains of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. You will pass through rivers, waterfalls and enchanting territories. For this reason it is necessary to bring the necessary equipment to enjoy the tour to the fullest. That is why today we bring you a list of recommendations that you should take into account. 

How to prepare yourself? 

If you are used to mountaineering or sports in general, surely the daily hikes will be very easy for you. But if, on the other hand, you are not very sporty, we recommend that several weeks before you start practicing some sport such as walking or jogging. 


What should you bring to the tour?

Comfortable and light backpack

We recommend that you take only what you need. Do not take too much luggage and make sure that your backpack is comfortable and suitable for long walks.  Remember that during the tour you will hike approximately 47 km and each traveler should carry their own backpack.  If you have extra suitcases with clothes you don’t need, you can leave them in our offices. 

Appropriate shoes

We also think it is very important to wear trekking or sport shoes with good grip. Especially in the rainy season it is essential to have good shoes for a better experience. If you buy the shoes especially to go on the tour, we recommend that you use them a few times before, to avoid getting blisters on the way. 

Also, as you will have to cross some rivers, it can be very useful to have shoes or sandals suitable for water. It is also very important to have several pairs of socks because it is very common for them to get wet and due to the humidity of the terrain they do not dry so easily. 

Comfortable clothing

Wear lots of comfortable and light clothing, such as leggings, shorts and t-shirts. Take changes of clothes for each day and that are easy to dry so that they do not weigh you down in the backpack. On the other hand, do not forget to bring your bathing suit because along the way there are several rivers and waterfalls that you can enjoy.  


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